Annie Simon

Gangrel Priscus


Has Allies (Gangrel) 2
2 Skill specialties in Occult
Henry Morris owes her a favor.
Assets –
Blaire Clemons, Anthropologist (Occult 4)


Annie had broken the influence of her sire, John Walker long before most of Detroit’s kindred can remember. Ever the rebellious childe she threw herself into the Circle of the Crone with every ounce of devotion John gave the Ordo Dracul. Her birth certificate would read 1821 if you were inclined to look it up, and her death was almost 30 years later to the day. With over a century of undeath in the city of Detroit, Annie has seen it at its peak, and she’s still here now during the bust.

Dr. Walker, as he introduced himself was exactly the sort of man a free spirit like Annie Simon would have met back in the 50’s, the 1850’s that is and the two spent an inordinate amount of time together for an unwed couple even before Dr. Walker gifted Annie with the embrace, or cursed her with it depending on which one of the two you ask.

Remarkably her embrace did little to tame Annie, if anything driving her to even greater acts of thrill seeking.

In more recent history Annie grew organically into the position of Priscus for the Gangrel as a natural result of her opposition to all things John Walker. In the end she was owed more favors than he was. While John sought to influence the city from the top down Annie gets her support from the bottom, mothering the youngest Gangrel while never siring herself. But is it out of some concern for them or a calculated attempt to make sure she has an army when she makes her next grab for power?

Annie Simon

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