Cynthia Page

Social Fixture


The Pages have been a social fixture in Detroit for over a century. Well, Cynthia has been, under a variety of names. Sired by Roderick Nelson in 1848 at the age of 19 Cynthia has set herself up nicely in the Carthian movement when it became apparent to her that the power wasn’t in Invictus as Roderick had lead her to believe, though the two parted on good terms. The Page family dynasty has largely been bent to Cynthia’s indomitable will serving as her personal army of influence. Rumors abound that Thomas Streetman, Herald to the Prince, Bishop of Detroit’s Lancea Sanctum and childe to Cynthia, is in fact her cousin Thomas Page from upstate New York and she has been know to ghoul members of her family in the past.

Living in posh skyrise in downtown Detroit, Cynthia has avoided much mortal attention while maintaining an invite to just about every major event that happens in the city. Cynthia’s stunning looks and blatant exploitation of her femininity have gotten her far in Kindred society, as has her unrivaled, almost single-minded expertise with the Majesty discipline. But Cynthia was a predator even before her embrace. Had history taken a different turn she likely would have wound up as one of America’s greatest con artists. Instead she has built a solid eternity for herself with a system of back scratching, and other favors, amongst the Daeva clan.

Make no mistake about her, Cynthia is a predator, and you don’t want to be her target when she senses blood in the water.

Cynthia Page

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