John Walker

Elder Legend and a Half



Health 10

Assets –
Darryl Duke (Crafts 1)


He claims he was an old man in Detroit during Pontiac’s rebellion in 1763, and no one says different. Now his 50 years of life wouldn’t consider him an elder but his two centuries of undeath certainly do. In 1877 after spending some time in Scotland he returned to his Detroit home and founded the local Ordo Dracul. The man is an unliving legacy and a half.

Of course, mostly people just leave him alone. I could say, no ones ever upset him and lived to tell the tale, but I can’t think of anyone ever upsetting him in the first place. Except maybe Annie Simon and they get along alright.

“He could run this city. He still might. Wise, but for all his talk of transcendence he still plays the same games as the rest of them”

Thomas Long

John Walker

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