Selina Ortiz



Known Info:

Influence 2

High Attribute is Manipulation

High Skill is Subterfuge

Dots in Auspex

Former Assets –
Duke the Anarchist (Science 4), killed by Thomas Long


She should be dead. She used to stay with her sire, Justin Fields but she wasn’t in the building when it burned down. No one can pin anything on her, and even if they could killing Kindred isn’t against the laws in Detroit any more. There was a time when Justin’s Duchy would have passed to Selina as his next of kin, but the Prince decided to change up tradition and have vacant domains revert to the ownership of the crown. Selina seemed to take the news rather well.

If anyone would oppose Mark Riddle’s claim to priscus of the Mekhet it would most likely be Selina. Unbound and a free spirt she’d fit right in with the Carthians of old, but not so much the new more authoritarian streak.

Selina Ortiz

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