Thomas Streetman

The Intersection of Church and State




Free Clinic (Medicine 1)

Samuel Blight (Weaponry 2)

Derek Glaze (Drive 3)


He came out of no where to be sired by Cynthia Page. No one had heard of him, hadn’t even been one of Cynthia’s ghouls beforehand. Now, 50 years later, he’s close to the Prince, running the Lancea Sanctum and an all around terrifying member of the society of the damned. Its not just his connections though. Its the rituals. Anyone with as much pull among the Carthians is to be feared these nights and here we have the alignment of the Sanctum and the Carthians embodied with the sire of Cynthia and the Herald of Norman Kovar. But what’s worse, is he is just a terrifying Kindred in his own right. Sure he seems the quiet type.

One kindred we don’t talk about so much any more sent a ghoul to put the hit on him a while back.
Thomas bled the ghoul out, rose up his body as a zombie shock troop and sent him to burn the guys haven to the ground in broad daylight. No one challenges Thomas Streetman outside of the rules. Once they are broken he has no mercy in bringing about justice.

Thomas Streetman

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