Tag: Bruja


  • Jose Rivera

    Jose blew into town a couple of decades ago and set about setting up a little Bruja franchise. They have a flophouse just inside city limits, him and his two childer, [[:lawrence-martinez | Lawrence]] and [[:willie-byrd | Byrd]]. They're not so much …

  • Willie Byrd

    [[:jose-rivera | Jose Rivera's]] first childe. He's the runner for the gang. Unlike Jose, Byrd and Lawrence haven't gone in for those fascist covenants.

  • Lawrence Martinez

    Lawrence is huge. He's the second childe of [[:jose-rivera | Jose Rivera]] and he is huge. 6'10'' if he's an inch and he is definitely that. Like [[:willie-byrd | Byrd]], Lawrence is unbound and proud of it. You probably wouldn't expect it of him, but …