Tag: Invictus


  • Calvin Leone

    Duke Leone has been walking the nights of Detroit almost as long as the city has existed. Longer actually, back when it was still a British military outpost. Following the seizure of power by [[:norman-kovar | Norman Kovar]], Leone declared himself Regent …

  • Roderick V. Nelson

    He doesn't appear to be incredibly active in the night to night dealings of Detroit, but he is a very well respected member of Kindred society. And with two Childer he must be doing something to please the Prince.

  • Walter Chavez

    A CEO with a cigar habit on his cancerous deathbed rises up as one of the Mekhet. The Sire was unknown but he was allowed to live. How strange. That was years ago though. Since then he's made a little name for himself with the Invictus.

  • Mark Riddle

    The Mekhet have been a little unorganized since their Priscus and one time Primogen Justin Fields's place went up in flames. He was a good Carthian. Mark, on the other hand, is suspected by some to fill in for the former role, though surely not in the …

  • Kenneth Bryant

    He was DeLay's right hand man and Seneschal of the court, now he's just another Invictus crony. He's still an important figure in the city. He knows how things work. And the rumors that the Carthians are just inefficient Invictus could probably be traced …

  • Charles Mendez

    They say that those on the bottom in the Invictus are crushed under the weight of powerful elders. [[:kenneth-bryant | Kenneth Bryant]] certainly doesn't qualify as an elder, but he sure has a tight leash on Charles.