Tag: Mekhet


  • Walter Chavez

    A CEO with a cigar habit on his cancerous deathbed rises up as one of the Mekhet. The Sire was unknown but he was allowed to live. How strange. That was years ago though. Since then he's made a little name for himself with the Invictus.

  • Mark Riddle

    The Mekhet have been a little unorganized since their Priscus and one time Primogen Justin Fields's place went up in flames. He was a good Carthian. Mark, on the other hand, is suspected by some to fill in for the former role, though surely not in the …

  • Selina Ortiz

    She should be dead. She used to stay with her sire, Justin Fields but she wasn't in the building when it burned down. No one can pin anything on her, and even if they could killing Kindred isn't against the laws in Detroit any more. There was a time when …

  • Deborah Horton

    She wasn't sired here. Its not often that Kindred move, and she came here from London. Still thinks of it as the Paris of America. She's been here for a while now, since the late 70's or so.

  • Thomas Long

    Stupid. So stupid. People never really change, even if they go through significant supernatural reclassifications. They still work and fight and lie and scheme and breed like rats, all of it without stopping to observe, all of it to fulfill base …