Tag: Sanctum


  • Thomas Streetman

    He came out of no where to be sired by [[:cynthia-page | Cynthia Page]]. No one had heard of him, hadn't even been one of Cynthia's ghouls beforehand. Now, 50 years later, he's close to the Prince, running the Lancea Sanctum and an all around terrifying …

  • Carlos Shorter

    Cursed with unlife by [[:calvin-leone | Calvin Leone]], Carlos made his own way, taken in by [[:thomas-streetman | Thomas Streetman]] anyway. Now he's the Inquisitor of the Lancea Sanctum and Hound to [[:norman-kovar | Prince Kovar]].

  • Deborah Horton

    She wasn't sired here. Its not often that Kindred move, and she came here from London. Still thinks of it as the Paris of America. She's been here for a while now, since the late 70's or so.

  • Sofia Goodlow

    [[:henry-morris | Henry Morris]] embraced her at the height of Detroit's population boom. Pretty little play thing for himself, as a gift for becoming sheriff after the last one lost the position; plague dog. Now she's still pretty close to him, but is …