Special Rules

All rules will be from the core WOD and Vampire book as well as the Primacy chapter of Damnation City with the modifications listed below. If you want something not in one of those places, ask me about it.

As always who your sire and childer are are important as well, you should select an appropriate NPC to be your Sire, or have a good reason why you are in Detroit and they are not, immigration or final death for example. If you want to have sired a childe you can pay the willpower dot and talk to me about creating the NPC.

The 5 clans from the Core Vampire book are available, as well as the Bruja. These are the only established clans in Detroit, if you want to play something else, you guessed it, clear it with me first.

Corvée can be found on page 198 of Damnation City. It is a tax owed in exchange for land or feeding rights. (Everyone owes corvée to the Prince for the right to reside and hunt in Detroit. Any land granted by the Prince, a Duke or Baron comes with corvée. Those who have been given no acreage or feeding rights within the city owe no corvée.)

Please use the Character Template to show your character sheet on the characters tab. Keep your character up to date because if I need to know one of your stats I will look there rather than ask you.

The Prince is always an NPC. Your character can become Prince if you seek it, but they will become an NPC and you will play a new character. Its your choice.

Each Primacy turn will consist of 2 actions rather than just 1, you will email me your actions and I will respond with the outcomes of them. Following that you write up your adventure log post of what happened. I will also post logs in some fashion TBD. There will be no agents so ignore all of the rules on how they work.

Special Rules

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